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Nandamuri Tharaka Rama Rao was born in a farmer’s family at Nimmakuru, Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh on 28th of May 1923 at 4.32pm. His mother wished to name his son as Krishna, but his uncle named him as Taraka Ramudu, which later confined as Taraka Rama Rao. His parents Nandamuri Lakshmiah Chowdhury and Venkata Ramamma least imagined that this child was going to be uprise as an remarkable persona in his future and going to come across a golden thrown for him in the Andhra Pradesh history.
The great career starts:
B.A. Subba Rao, the famous film producer happened to see NTR’s photograph at L.V. Prasad. He called up NTR to Madras and fixed him up as the hero for his film ‘Palleturi Pilla’, without any make up test or screen test at all. Even though L.V. Prasad was a bit hesitant towards Subba Rao’s idea, he never took heed and made an agreement with Rama Rao after giving him a remuneration of Rs.1,116/-. But it was the film ‘Mana Desam’, for which Rama Rao faced the camera for the first time, in the year 1949. Rama Rao was offered a small role as a sub inspector in that film. His first lead role was in the film ‘Palleturi Pilla’, in 1950 followed by L. V. Prasad’s ‘Shavukar’ in the same year.
After his two films, NTR moved his abide to Madras. He took a small room for rent near the Thousand Lights area in Madras. When the money, which was given to him for ‘Palleturi Pilla’ was spent over, Rama Rao struggled a lot. He couldn’t afford money even for the bus fares. He factually starved for three days as he had left with no money and did not make even his roommates (famous producer Yoganand one among them) know.
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Sr.N.T.R Biography
Sr.N.T.R life historyJr. N.T.R Bio-DataJr. N.T.R Bio-DataSr.N.T.R ChowdarySr ntr wallpapersStardom came to him with K.V. Reddy’s film ‘Paathala Bhairavi’ (1951), which was followed by B.N. Reddy’s ‘Malleeswari’ (1951), L.V. Prasad’s ‘Pelli Chesi Choodu’ (1952) and K. Kameswara Rao’s ‘Chandra Haaram’. All of these movies were of the famous firm Vijaya. For all each of the film Rama Rao was offered Rs 500/- per month as salary and Rs 5,000/- as the remuneration. His film ‘Paathala Bhairavi’ turned to be a sensational hit, which broke all the records by running 100 days in 34 centres and 25 weeks in 13 centres and 50 days in one center. N.T.R. with his sharp nose and radiating smile, with his curl hair and tall figure captured almost all the hearts of Andhra Pradesh.
In 1958, A.V.M. Chettiyar determined to make his film ‘Bhoo Kailas’ under K. Shanker’s direction. He preferred the fine-looking young man N.T. Rama Rao for the role of Ravana Brahma and Akkineni Nageswara Rao as Narada Maharshi and S.V. Ranga Rao for the Maya Brahma role. Rama Rao was exceedingly happy to get his favored role of Ravana Brahma since Rama Rao thought Ravana was the best legendary character that he had ever seen. After the release of the film in 1959, NTR studied more about Ravana’s character, as he wanted to reenact the role in such a way that no body could ever do the role like him. His first mythological film P. Pullaiah’s ‘Sri Venkateswara Mahatyam’ (1960) was a tremendous hit. The devotees of Lord Venkateswara lined up in front of his house for NTR’s darshan, after the release of the film. He played five roles in the film ‘Sri Madvirata Parvam’. Such was the charisma, which NTR was having among his fans. In his 44 years of film career, Rama Rao had acted in about 297 films, out of which 280 are Telugu, 15 Tamil and 4 Hindi films. 44 of his films were mythological, 13 were historical, 55 fictional and 185 films were social. 140 of his films celebrated hundred days and 33 films celebrated silver Jubilees while six of his films ran more than 50 weeks. In 1950s NTR was the most cherished hero who was acting in 10 films per year. His film ‘Lava Kusa’ an all time hit, which was released in 1963, made a record by running 75 weeks in a center and 100 days in 63 centres. For his film ‘Maya Bazar’ for Lord Krishna’s role, which was released in 1956, Rama Rao took Rs.7, 500/-, which was said to be the highest remuneration in those days. For about 22 years since he entered into films Rama Rao’s remuneration was around 4 or 5 digits. From 1972 it had grown to one lakh for each film and after some time, it went up around 7 lakhs onwards.
NTR’s directed his first film ‘Sitha Rama Kalyanam’ in 1961 under his own banner N.A. T. films which was managed by his brother Trivikrama Rao. In that film Rama Rao played das Ravana Brahma in such way no other actor could imagine doing that. Even Nageswara Rao told that he became NTR’s fan after seeing that film. Later He directed himself in a triple role in ‘Daana Veera Soora Karna’ in 1977 he also directed the film ‘Sri Rama Pattabhishekam’ in 1978. His social films ‘Adavi Ramudu’ and ‘Yamagola’ were huge box- office hits. NTR harked back to produce, act and direct the film ‘Brahmarshi Vishwamitra’ in 1990 to campaign for the 1991 general elections.
NTR was a strict disciplinarian. He used to practice hard on the shores of marina Beach at Madras, to retain his bass and echoic voice for excellent dialogue delivery and base modulations. When he was in his forties and was working for the film ‘Narthana Saala’, he learnt Bharath Natyam at Vempati China Satyam to make the role justified. Such was NTR’s dedication towards his profession. He never stumbled or stammered in front of the camera as he used to take all the dialogues by heart when he was doing a particular film. He woke up early always and never missed doing physical exercises.
It is the pride TELUGU PEOPLE to recollect one of the world record created by NTR.
NTR is the only hero who has 100 days movies in a single year in all the 4 categories
1. Social (Sanghikam)
2. Folk Lore (Janapadam)
3. Mythology(Pouranikam)
4. Historical (Charitratmakam)
No other hero can dream of even releasing movies in these categories in single year.
This happened in the year 1962. Six of NTR movies ran for 100 days. It was one more Golden year for NTR.
1. Guleba Kavali Katha (Janapadam- Directed by NTR )
2. Bheeshma – (Pouranikam – He acted as bhesma of 70 years at that young age)
3. Gundamma Katha – (Social – NTRs 100th movie -Its the biggest Hit movie till that time.
Its the first movie to run for 100 days with 3 shows in Hyd. In todays words its
the Industry Hit. It remained till LavaKusha released next year 1963)
4. Mahamantri Timmarusu – (Charitratmakam – His role as SriKrishna DevaRaya was greatly adorned)
5. Rakta Sambandham – (Social Movie – There were atleast few hundred movies in telugu on
Brother-sister sentiment after this movie including Muddula Mamayya. None can be compared to
this movie and the performance of NTR and Savitri as Brother and sister)
6. Atma Bandhuvu – (Social Movie- Maha Natula Meti Natana ante perfect example ide..NTR, SVR, Savitri, Kannamba..esp scenes between NTR and SVR and some of the best in TFI)